Book Reviews and Editorials

Review: Frank van Oort & Teodora Dogaru (2022), “Als kapitaal de stad over neemt”. [on: “”Capital City”, Samuel Stein, 2019]. [link]

Review: Frank van Oort & Jeroen van Haaren (2022), “Hoe corona het lot van de stad op de weegschaal legt”. [on: “Survival of the City”, Edward Glaeser & David Cutler, 2021]. [link]

Review: Frank van Oort (2022), “Waarom we volgens Mariana Mazzucato groot moeten denken”. [on: “Mission Economy, a Moonshot Guide to Changing Capitalism”, Mariana Mazzucato, 2021]. [read]

Review: Frank van Oort (2021), “Pleidoor voor sterke, compacte steden”. [on: “Strong Towns”, Charles Marohn, 2020]. [read]

Review: Frank van Oort (2021), “Ook in de megaregio heeft de stad bestaansrecht”. [on: “Designing the Megaregion. Meeting Urban Challenges at a New Scale”, Jonathan Barnett, 2020]. [read]

Review: Frank van Oort (2020), “De Kathedralenbouwers”. [on: “The Good Ancestor. How to think long term in a short-term world”, Roman Krznaric, 2020]. [read]

Review: Frank van Oort (2020), “Een zoektocht naar de integratie van economie en planning in gebiedsontwikkeling”. [on: “Order without Design. How Markets shape Cities”, Alain Bertaud, 2018]. [read]

Book review essay: Martijn Burger & Frank van Oort (2014), “Advances and opportunities in world city network research”. Journal of Regional Science 54: 348-351. [on: “International Handbook of Globalization and World Cities”, Ben Derudder, Michael Hoyler, Peter Taylor & Frank Witlox 2012; “The Connected City. How Networks are Shaping the Modern Metropolis”, Zacharry Neal 2014]. [download]

Editorial: Martijn Burger, Evert Meijers & Frank van Oort (2014), “Editorial: The development and functioning of regional urban systems”. Regional Studies 48: 1921-1925. [download]

Editorial: Ron Boschma, Ed Feser, John Henneberry, Simona Iammarino, Arnoud Lagendijk, Lawrence Ma, Nadine Massard, Paivi Oinas, Frank van Oort, Roos Pijpers, Andy Pike, Atilla Varga & Stefano Usai (2014), “Sailing in the ocean of knowledge, 2008-13”. Regional Studies 48: 1313-1318. [download]

Editorial: Michael Storper, Charles van Marrewijk & Frank van Oort (2012), “Processes of change in urban systems“. Special issue of Journal of Regional Science 52: 1-9. [link]

Book review essay: Frank van Oort (2012), “Of economics and geography: unity in diversity?” Regional Studies 45: 707-710. [on: “The New Introduction to Geographical Economics”, Steven Brakman, Harry Garretsen & Charles van Marrewijk 2009; “Economic Geography. The Integration of Regions and Nations”, Pierre-Philippe Combes, Thierry Mayer & Jacques-Francois Thisse 2008; “Economic Geography. Places, Networks and Flows”, Andrew Wood & Susan Roberts 2011]. [download]

Review:  Frank van Oort (2011), Global Trade and the Dutch Hub  [Melika Levelt 2010]. Rooilijn 44: 148-149 (in Dutch). [download]

Review: Frank van Oort (2010), “The Netherlands of 2040” [Bas ter Weel, Albert van de Horst & George Gelauff 2010]. S+RO 2010/05, 66-67. (in Dutch)

Review: Frank van Oort (2010), “Cluster Policies in Europe. Firms, Institutions and Governance” [Susaba Borras & Dimitros Tsagdis 2008]. Papers in Regional Science 89: 884-886. [download]

Review: Frank van Oort (2010), “The New Economy of the Inner City. Restructuring, Regeneration and Dislocation in the Twenty-first Century Metropolis” [Thomas Hutton 2008]. International Journal of Housing Policy 10: 94-97. [download]

Editorial: Frank van Oort (2010), “From the new editor”. Journal of Economic and Social Geography (TESG) 101: 247. [download]

Review: Frank van Oort (2009), “Regional Economics” [Roberta Capello 2008]. Regional Studies 43: 994-997. [download]

Editorial: Martijn Burger, Frank van Oort & Koen Frenken (2009), “Networks and economic agglomeration”. Special issue of Journal of Economic and Social Geography (TESG) 100: 139-145. [download]

Editorial – Barrie Needham, Ron Boschma, Stefanie Duhr, Sindy Fan, Koen Frenken, Robert Hassink, Simona Iammarino, Arnoud lagendijk, Frank van Oort, Paivi Oinas, Andy Pike, Andre Torre & Atilla Varga (2009), “Reaching out to  new territories”.  Regional Studies 43: 1-4. [download]

Review: Frank van Oort (2008), “Creative cities, cultural clusters, and local economic development” [Philip Cooke & Luciana Lazerretta 2008]. Journal of Cultural Economics. [download]

Review: Frank van Oort (2008), “New Directions in Economic Geography”  [Bernard Fingleton 2007]. Economic Geography Research Group. [link]

Review: Frank van Oort (2006), “The Flight of the Creative Class” (Richard Florida 2004). Stedebouw & Ruimtelijke Ordening 97: 64-66 (in Dutch). [download]

Review: Frank van Oort (2005), “The Geography of Small Firm Innovation” [Grant Black 2004]. Journal of Evolutionary Economics 15: 361-363. [download]

Review: Frank van Oort (2005), “Recent Developments in Urban and Regional Economics” [Paul Cheshire & Gilles Duranton 2004]. Regions 258: 25-27. [download]

Review: Frank van Oort (2004), “The Information Economy and American Cities”  [Matthew Drennan 2002]. Papers in Regional Science 83: 505-507. [download]